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The Company is owned and run by Mr. Rashid Naseem, a young, dynamic visionary who has changed the face of capital investment and real estate in India. He is a teacher, a leader and a philanthropist.

He is now entering the space of cryptocurrency & hedge funds ensuring the best returns on investment

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The token will have consumer power and be redeemable at various merchant sites and marketplaces. You will be able use the token to buy day to day items to planning for the whole wedding

Real State

The token will have real estate power. The investors can safe guard their investments by redeeming their token in real estate in India in both residential or commercial projects and lands.

Hedge Fund

Combining risk management strategies & principles by diversifying investments to reduce the market volatility.

Crypto investments are subject to market risks. Please read the whitepaper carefully before investing.


Redeemable against Real Estate

The investor can redeem their tokens against real estate in India in either residential or commercial projects

Diversified Exposure

Broad exposure to a diverse set of investments and strategies


The due diligence on the investments is done by experienced fund managers


The market is carefully watched and strategies are adjusted by fund managers as the market evolves

Commercial Value

The SVC token also has an advantage of being a utility token since it can be used in marketplaces and merchant stores


Being on blockchain makes the SVC token secure, safe and transparent

SVC International : Shine V Coin is the world's leading International Coin and Cryptocurrency Exchange Company.

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